Heaven Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

A dead-end dad commits suicide and ends up in heaven, but quickly realizes that his human life was better. He teams up with Saint Peter to make his escape back to life and his family.

Length: 7 pages

Shack in the Woods

Two teenagers discover a ghost their age living in a shack in the woods behind their houses. They befriend the ghost and he offers them advice on how to be popular in school.

Length: 22 pages


A woman has an uncomfortable conversation with a man with a horse head.

Length: 2 pages

Runaway Ghost

A ghost decides to break the ghost law and run away from his haunt in pursuit of a more fulfilling afterlife.

Length: 9 pages

Baby’s First Hurricane

A woman prepares as a hurricane threatens to wash away the city she loves.

Length: 3 pages


A man comes to his friend for help after his wife is kidnapped.

Length: 3 pages

Burningwood Pilot

A film crew investigates the story of a strange community deep in the woods who live entirely removed from others.

Length: 9 pages

Dinner for Two

After being stood up for a dinner date, a lonely woman tries to enjoy her meal with a spider.

Length: 2 pages


A wannabe cowboy takes the opportunity of some alone time to try to live his dream.

Length: 2 pages