Literate Nola Promo

December 2019
Director, editor

A promotional video made to advertise my dad’s album. The album is heavily centered on the music and neighborhoods of New Orleans, so I tried to capture the spirit of New Orleans with this piece.

ASLC Editing Reel

August-December 2019

A collection of clips from bumpers and ads I edited during my internship at FSU’s Student Life Center. A full list of movie titles and event names can be found in the video description.

Cacophony of Self

August 2019
Writer, editor, sound

A short experimental self portrait made by combining old home videos and some of my short writing pieces. This was my first piece that utilized multi-layered audio, which makes it stand out from my other, more traditional work.

Loving Alice

May 2019
Writer, director, editor

This was the final piece I made at NOCCA, my high school thesis film. I wrote the screenplay in my junior year, and ended up putting about 6 months of work into the script alone. Most of my senior year was dedicated to pre-producing, shooting, and editing the film. It is the longest film I have ever completed.

Park Place

April 2018
Director, editor

A collaboration between NOCCA’s Media Arts and Musical Theater Departments, which I directed and edited. Written and performed by musical theater students, this was one of my first big projects fully focused on my directing efforts.

Kylie Ferguson President Honors Documentary

February 2018
Writer, director, cinematographer, editor

President Honors are awarded yearly for the most outstanding student in every department and Level 2 Media Arts students create documentaries about each award winner. My partner and I created this film to commemorate Kylie Ferguson from the Musical Theater department, which was screened during NOCCA’s President Awards ceremony.

My Ex-Boyfriend was a Ticking Time Bomb

November 2017
Co-director, cinematographer, editor

A collaboration between NOCCA’s Media Arts and Creative Writing Departments, two media students were paired up and given a poem to base a short experimental piece on. This piece won a Regional Gold Key in the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, putting it in the top three selections in the Southeast that year.

Inner Voice’s House Tours

September 2017
Writer, director, cinematographer, editor

My NOCCA self portrait project, and my first and only experiment with stop motion animation.

Level 1 Year in Review

May 2017
Director, cinematographer, editor, sound

NOCCA assigned my class a project to improve our rhythmic editing skills. We took a field trip to a nearby graffiti covered warehouse, then used that footage to complete the assignment. It was one of the final projects of my first year at NOCCA, and it became a great way to look back on all of the friendships I had made through the year.

The Mystery of the Dinner Party Poisoner

November 2015
Writer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound

My very first film, which I created for my NOCCA audition. I had originally written it as a play, but I converted it to a screenplay and filmed it with a bunch of my friends. It’s a testament to my determination to create, even if I don’t exactly know what I’m doing.