I am Ellie

I’m a college freshman and a graduate of the Media Arts department of theĀ New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. I’m a passionate writer and filmmaker and want to inspire the world through my art. Please check out some of my portfolio below or explore my site to learn more about me.

My Films My Bio


Kylie Ferguson President Honors Documentary

Writer, director, cinematographer, editor

President Honors are awarded yearly for the most outstanding student in every department and Level 2 Media Arts students create documentaries about each award winner. My partner and I created this film to commemorate Kylie Ferguson from the Musical Theater department, which was screened during NOCCA’s President Awards ceremony.


Cacophony of Self

Writer, editor, sound

A short experimental self portrait made by combining old home videos and some of my short writing pieces. This was my first piece that utilized multi-layered audio, which makes it stand out from my other, more traditional work.